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RAUSCH Original Hair Tincture 200 ml FYQNHRYCR



  • Product Code:FYQNHRYCR
  • Availability:In Stock

This special lotion counteracts round, bald patches and severe hair loss.Thank to its mildly antiseptic effect it regulates the functions of the scalp, strengthens and promotes new hair growth.With essential oils and Burdock root extract.Paraben & Silicone FREE

Targeted treatment with RAUSCH Original Hair Tincture improves the long-term circulation of the scalp, thereby activating and supporting natural hair re-growth. Burdock root and essential oils are mildly antiseptic and have a positive influence on the functions of the scalp. The specific combination in the hair tincture has a refreshing, toning effect. The scalp is strengthened and hair growth actively stimulated RAUSCH Original Hair Tincture has proven itself as a lasting solution especially with circular hair loss and hair loss following pregnancy.

RAUSCH Original Hair Tincture 200 ml FYQNHRYCR

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